Infrared Arts Testimonials

 "I was a member of  Infrared Comedy Theatre in 2006. Sara's company made me feel welcome and gave me the confidence to pursue my dream, get a degree in Drama. Since graduating in 2010 I have been acting steadily in theatre and television." Carl Blades 

 "I am a former student of Sara Lim-Smith.  Not only was she was an excellent teacher, but also one of the best choreographers I have ever worked with. Since my training with Sara, I have worked as a professional dancer in London, Dubai and Los Angeles, the highlight of which was performing at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, which earned me my U.S. Equity card." Adele Taylor

"I had the pleasure of being taught by Sara for 2 years at the Leicester College of Performing Arts. Sara gave me the confidence to continue working within the industry where i now run my own dance school in Coventry which has been running for four years. She has also been an inspiration to me as her work is so unique and always successful. I would like to wish her all the best for her future as she truly deserves it." Kayleigh Hill

"As a late starter in life, I only began dancing at the age of 21 at a local dance school. Shortly after, I was awarded a three year scholarship at LCPA. It was very hard to be a 22 year old, starting to learn technique from basics in a year full of 16-17 year olds who had been dancing all of their lives, & I did struggle for the first year. I was a street/commercial dancer, and Jazz technique, Ballet and Contemporary did not come naturally to me. Whilst never babysitting me, Sara took me under her wing and had a lot of time and patience, sometimes tough love, which was something that I certainly needed and I grew as a dancer and a person from her teaching. How Sara fused ballet and contemporary technique, with elements of commercial and a unique artistic vision, really helped me to grow and learn much quicker, and I adapted to her style more so than most as I could identify with her work. I found her choreography fascinating and, even  6 years later, her style still inspires me when choreographing now. Not only did Sara teach me the discipline of being a dancer, she inspired me to be creative and think outside the box. I credit Sara for being the most unique choreographer at LCPA. I went on to work for Carnival Cruise Lines for 4 years and I still choreograph today." Ryan Crane

"I was a graduate from LCPA in 2006 where I was first introduced into a new way of learning by Sara Lim Smith. I met Sara in 2003 when she began to teach Contemporary and theatre workshop when I was a first year student in training. I was very new and unexperienced in contemporary and I did not enjoy it so much, until I had experienced one class with Sara. Sara is very inspirational to learn from and she taught me so much within the two years of having her as my teacher. I grew in confidence with certain styles of dance and I had nothing but enjoyment and complete dance satisfaction after all of her classes. Sara gave me the confidence and the good technique base to enter the professional world and become a professional dancer. Her unique ideas and choreography skills were so admirable and brilliant. It was something new and different to the world of dance that I knew. I have danced and choreographed successfully and professionally for the past 9 years in the entertainments industry and still continuously work to this day for my own entertainments company. Sara was a big part of my training and she was a big role model for me, of whom I looked up to. I feel I graduated from college with a lot of knowledge and skills learnt from Sara, and I am so grateful and thankful to this day in having the privilege to say I was taught by her and that she was my  teacher. Thank you Sara."  Camilla Bevans